I have always felt like I was an artist. When I was 12 I began seriously drawing with pen and ink. I would spend hours trying to copy the styles of my favorite comic book artists and learn to merge them into my own. I attended Colorado Mesa University for a degree in Fine Arts with a minor in Art history. I studied lithographic and intaglio printmaking, computer animation, airbrush, metal smithing, jewelry making, and bronze sculpture. Though I enjoyed all the disciplines I learned, I felt that I didn?t excel enough at any of them to make a living. However, the greatest gift I gained from those years was that I learned how to learn. I learned how to solve problems and find solutions for projects.
Monument Art Glass
In 1995 an old high school friend introduced me to glass blowing. By the next year I had my own lampworking shop behind my house. After graduating I moved to Grants Pass, Oregon to study as a glass blowing apprentice at The Glass Forge. I spent the next 5 years learning my trade working in soft glass. I returned to Colorado and opened Monument Art Glass. During those years I won first runner up in the worldwide NASA sponsored Sunworks Art Contest. The piece I entered traveled the globe for 4 years and is on permanent display in the Christa McAuliffe Aerospace Museum in Concord New Hampshire. Sadly, the economic crash in 2008 forced us to close our doors.
I have held many different jobs to support my glass blowing addiction. If there was a skill I wanted to learn I got a job doing it. This allowed me to build any equipment or specialty tools I needed. I enjoy taking on difficult special orders. I love finding ways to make things work. My rule number 1 is ?there is always a way?. I always do my best to make that a reality.
Knowledge Share
It has been my honor to have taught hundreds of students the wonders of molten glass. Sharing knowledge with others has always been a passion of mine. Many of my pupils have gone on to create wonderful art in many different disciplines.
Storm Art Glass
In 2012 I opened Storm Art Glass and have been rollin ever since. Thank you for your interest. Have a wonderful day.